Friday, February 20, 2009

Gone Shoppping - Yeah!

I'm off on a little shopping adventure this weekend... shopping for you that is (OK, and me too!) I'm off to the Trade Shows in Sydney to see what new goodies I can find for Monkeytail & Wellington. I'm hoping to take some lovely happy snaps while there to share with you of the treasures I find.... stay tuned!

I actually don't know whether I'm more excited about going shopping or the fact its a big girl adventure all on my own in the big city!!! That translates to getting to take my time looking at something without a toddler tantrum or 6,000 toilet trips to make in the process (remember what it used to be like... once upon a time? ahhhh)

So, as I'm already on my adventure (I'm so techno savvy now I'm even posting this while in transit!!) no parcels will be shipped between today (Friday 20th) and Monday 23rd. Everything will be processed and shipped on Tuesday 24th.

Cheers ;) Vicki xx

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