Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hump Day Helper #6: Paper Toys

I have been a long time fan of Tim Haugen of Fantastic Toys. He makes some of the most adorable paper craft toys your likely to see. I (or rather the "Easter Bunny") made one of these Easter Egg Dioramas for each of my girls at Easter time and hid some eggs in the bottom. It was a huge hit and the "Easter Bunny" is apparently very talented with glue according to my 3yr old!

Well, the fun needn't stop there. Tim also makes adorable paper nesting dolls, a gingerbread house, a birthday cake and the cutest dolls house complete with furniture and little inhabitants you are ever going to see.

Prices start from just $0.20US on his Etsy site but average at about $3-$4US for the paper toys pictured here. He also makes cute little softies you'll find hard to resist.

Each kit comes as a PDF document which Tim sends you via email within 24 hrs of purchase. All you need then is a colour printer, scissors, some card stock and glue. All the instructions and ingredients are listed on each item before you buy so you'll know what you need to get started.

My Easter Egg took me about 15-20 mins each to make and was a little fiddly, but the end result was quite amazing and it actually withstood quite a bit of interactive play once the girls discovered the eggy treats underneath. It's probably more of a slightly older child project, but the little ones will love the bright colours and cuteness you'll bet!

Fantastic Toys on etsy

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