Monday, September 7, 2009

Ladies and Jellybeans..... The Flannery Brothers

A while back I received a fantastic surprise in the mail. A copy of The Flannery Brothers brand new CD Love Songs for Silly Things. It took me a while to get it into the CD player to have a good listen, but when I finally did, I was kicking myself I hadn't done it sooner! There isn't a song on here that didn't have me tapping the beat out on the steering wheel (first listen was on the way to ballet lessons :).

The album has a 50ish feel with a little Beachboys and the Muppets thrown in. Each song really is a love song for the silly things that Dan & Michael Flannery love the best. And you can't help but find a little adult appreciation in the lyrics.

The unanimous favourite for my husband and I is the second song "best pillow in the world". As adults we can so totally relate to the importance of a comfy pillow, Abby just loves the infectious beat and yelling the chorus really loud!

Ella however now eats broccoli since we started singing "broccoli yet" at the dinner table. The irony is a little lost on 2 1/2 yr olds, but I could kiss the Flannery Brothers for helping us over come another vegetable obstacle! She even does the coolest broccoli dance.

And there is no better start for a 5 o'clock boogie session than "Let's Start Dancing". What an awesome opener to this album.

Love Songs for Silly Things was only released in July 09, but it already has a swag of awards under it's belt. 2009 Preferred Choice from Award from Creative Child Magazine, "One Wasn't Enough" won the 2008 Lennon Award in the John Lennon Song Writing Contest, a 2008 Children's Music Web Award and honourable mentions in the International Songwriting Competition. Not bad for a first album.

Visit the Flannery Brothers website to hear a songs from the album and see footage from live performances. You can get your mitts on a copy of Love Songs for Silly Things at iTunes in Australia.

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