Friday, September 18, 2009

This little house....

I've been mentally writing this blog post for about three weeks, then I've been squirreling away under a mountain of fairy door orders, I'm finally getting around to posting...

My brain is always full of crazy ideas that rarely come to fruition. Abby, my eldest, turned 4 a few Tuesday's ago and I wanted to make her a gift this year that she would really love. Now this is a bit of a long story, so bare with me for a sec :)

Abby has these little dolls that live in her pocket that she calls her "Pocket Peeps", and I swear she came up with that on her own! Anyway, these two little dolls used to be mine back in the day. They have a metal ball bearing inside them which used to make them slide down a ramp from a school bus. No idea what happened to the bus, but the peeps made it and some 30 yrs later are once again seeing the sights from a pint sized pocket.

So the Peeps have travelled the country with Abs and have even caused her to be frisked at the airport when they set off the metal detector. Now that's a funny sight seeing your 3 yr old made to empty her pockets and take off her shoes and belt.

So in my Internet travels I came across these awesome little wooden dolls on Etsy you can paint yourself. So I bought a family set about 4 months or more ago with the intention of making her a family of pocket peeps. Mostly cause the originally are getting a bit rusty cause she literally takes them everywhere and they occasionally go through the washing machine.

Here are Abby's own personal Carter Family Pocket Peep's!

After feeling pretty pleased with myself for my first attempt at making these, I thought they needed a house to live in, so off I went in search of a tutorial on how to make a small, fabric, portable dolls house. I found a fantastic tutorial on UK Lass in US blog, and voila the Pocket Peeps have a home.

You can get all the supplies you need to create your own Pocket Peeps from a lovely lass on Etsy called Goose Grease and the tutorial for the house at the UK Lass in US blog! I'll be doing another one for Wellie for Xmas or her birthday too!


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