Monday, October 26, 2009

Ribbon with a twist

A funny kind a girl I met from Kalamazoo has been creating some of the most divine ribbon sculptured hair clips I've seen this side of Pluto! My new buddy Krista is a super busy Mum who's crafty creations I would defiantly call art, the attention to detail is amazing right down to the little net petticoats under Alice's skirt!

We already have an Alice in Wonderland Clip, a Little Red Riding Hood and a whole set of Wizard of Oz inspired clips in store right now. And coming soon a whole array of little delights such as Eloise, Olivia, mermaids, fairies, wild things and Fancy Nancy inspired clips just to name a few. I'm finding it hard to list them in our shop cause I just want to keep them all!

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