Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sesame Street turns 40!

I remember getting in trouble in the second grade for having a "Sesame Street Education" because when I recited the alphabet I said "Zeee" and not "Zed"! and Mum tells me that whenever she turned on the TV when I was a kid I always thought it was time for Play School and Sesame Street, no matter what time of the day or night it was!

Now, I'm happy to tell people of my sesame street eduction and the fact that the Muppet's is my all time favourite TV show. Ella is in front of the box watching Play with me Sesame right now (excellent parenting!)

But when I opened up the google homepage today so see Cookie Monster starring back at me declaring Sesame Street was 40 yrs old! OMG. I just can't believe it. I still know all the songs, when I count something out for the girls I still do it like the Count does (One, Once chocolate cookie you can't have hahahahahah) and even though Baby Bear gives me an eye twitch I'll always have a soft spot for Grover (especially if he's got his Super Grover helmet on!)

Keep up the good work Sesame Street, you rock!

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