Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Set your Piggies Free with Ziggy Marley

I was supposed to be posting a review for music month today.... but I got a little side tracked during the day and haven't finished it yet :o( Never fear, tomorrow is another day!!

But I did happen across this little gem today on the TV. Something funky is definitely happening over on Sesame Street these days. I was making sock monkeys this afternoon during quiet time, and I got just a little bit excited when the song on today's show was Ziggy Marley singing Set your Piggies Free. I instantly LOVE this song!!!

How times are changing on Sesame Street this year with celebrity's popping out everywhere, they are making a big move to cross over pop cultures (I think I posted something a while back on appropriate celebrities popping up?)

Anyway, here's another one, it's Feist with 1,2,3,4 (the Sesame Street take) on their hugely popular song from back in 2008.

Now, back to that review....

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