Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What about the little people?

Just in case you may have missed an ABC Kids news blast, or possibly been living under a rock, Justine Clarke the darling of children's TV and music in Australia is embarking on a national tour kicking off in July with dates so far for Qld, SA and WA (unfortunately she's not making it up this far north though as yet which is a shame) and more dates for the rest of the country to be posted soon (find dates here

We would dearly love to see you up here in Qld's biggest baby boom town HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE!!!!

On another note, some very cool little people are making a stir in Melbourne. Small Aussie kindie rockers The Mudcakes also have dates booked throughout June and if you are one lucky Melbournite you could even book them for your own personal performance. That would definitely make you the coolest kid in town!!

I asked Sherry and Rick (aka Mr and Mrs Mudcake) for a comment on the kids music industry in Australia, where big labels and brands seem to dominate our children's music and entertainment. They were so flat out booking shows and rockin the house that their multi talented and mega sock monkey manager 'Socrates Monk' came back with this statement...
"We are proudly independent and like to think we are part of the international movement towards more organic adult friendly children's music. We actually still get more interest and kudos paid to the Mudcakes from the US and Canada where the 'kindie rock/family music' scene is a viable part of the music industry and one of the fastest growing genres with great sales. In Australia people are just now starting to give children's music and the artists who are involved more respect. We hope that continues to be the case and that more folks will see that it is possible to be independent and forge your own path without relying on corporate record companies. "
Check out The Mudcakes website here for show dates, booking and more! Being fellow sock monkey aficionados I can't recommend them more :o) And to wet your appetite, here is a video of the Mudcakes song HUG - I love it for it's simplicity

So what are you waiting for? Get behind some great Aussie indie music talent and let the little peoples voices sing out loud!

If you know of any other indie kids bands out there in Australia trying to find a voice, send them this way

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