Thursday, April 30, 2009

It’s Kids Music Month!!

So what’s this Music Month caper all about do I hear you ask? Well basically I’m sick of listening to the same kids music over and over and over and over and… you get the picture. And everyone else I speak to tells me the same. It’s Wiggles on repeat in the car, Hi 5 at home 20 times a day… sound familiar to you too?

I was once living in denial, completely unaware that this could become an issue. My first born hated all music on the radio unless it was Triple J or ABC Classic FM and seeing as Triple J has a language warning on just about all their songs these days, it kind of limits us to Opera and Tchaikovsky’s finest. Not that that is bad, but for me I need all the help I can get to stay awake and I find Classical music just too relaxing. So I started singing to her myself, except the only songs I can seem to recall in full are the theme songs to ABC Kids TV shows.

Then Justine Clarke released I like to Sing and I was in heaven…. for about three weeks, till I developed a debilitating eye twitch whenever I drove. I tried making up my own words to songs on the radio, but I don’t think its my forte and she knows it (mummy stop singing your hurting my brain).

So I hopped on the trusty internet too see what else was out there and I was astounded by the number of Musicians who were writing music for kids that appealed to both the kids and their parents. Not just sugar coated stuff or rocked up nursery rhymes either, but fun stuff that they can relate to.

So Music Month is all about introducing you, dear reader, to what is out their also. Australia is just starting to catch on with the likes of Justine Clarke, Jay Laga'aia and even the Wiggles are rockin it up a bit these days. But there is an absolute plethora of kids music out there we don’t even know about.

So during May I’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews with Ashley Albert from The Jimmies, Renee and Jeremy and the delightful Frances England. Plus a few DIY instruments you and the kids can make at home. I’ll post links to some awesome You Tube pod casts and playlists of great kids tunes and videos that may be new to you too!

Oh, and I’ll be giving away a CD each week during the month, so check back in each Monday to find out how to win! Plus all CD's ship FREE during May!

And on that note, here’s something fun I found today on YouTube!

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