Friday, May 1, 2009

Book Review: Bed, Bed, Bed - They Might Be Giants/Marcel Dzama

They Might Be Giants (John Linnell and John Flansburgh + assorted musicians making regular reappearances) are one of the most well known “Kindie Rockers” making a name for themselves in this new genre of music.

In 2003 on the back of their hugely popular kids albums No! the two John’s wrote a few more cool kids songs which they thought would make a good book, and got together with a fantastic illustrator and friend, by the name of Marcel Dzama. The result is an awesome little book and catchy ditties called Bed, Bed, Bed.

The CD contains just four recording only available in the CD/Book set… Impossible, Happy Doesn’t Have to Have an Ending, Idlewild and Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed. They’ve “sequenced the stories to help parents and kids find their way to slumberland”.

Now, I don’t know that this book or the music actually makes my girls any sleepier, but it is a heck of a lot of fun! The illustrations are just beautiful and the fact that the stories are the lyrics to the song makes it a double treat if you’re trying to learn the words.

The tempo of songs starts with the upbeat Impossible playing on the theme that nothing is impossible. The standout song is Happy Doesn’t Have to Have an Ending, which sets the mood to start winding down for bed. Idlewild is the lullaby on the album, but the last song Bed, Bed, Bed is a bit of a miss as it seems to busy to end an album that is supposed to lull you to dream land. That said through, TMBG fans will love it and it’s a fun song, just maybe in the wrong order on the disc.

To me this seems like the perfect “gift” book. It’s a nice small size (18.5x18.5cm) and the pages are of the quality glossy variety. The illustrations are fantastic and a stylish quality is carried throughout the book. Probably best suited to ages 3-8yrs.

My final word… I love it cause it’s a little bit querky and it’s beautifully presented . A great way to introduce littlies to music outside the realms of primary colours and nursery rhymes, and it’s a great unique gift to give to someone special , but a must for any TMBG fans, young and old!

Listen to Bed, Bed, Bed (this version is actually from No!, but it was impossible to find the slower version from this CD anywhere on the net to link to!)

Watch the Idlewild video

Download some colouring in pages from the book
Find it in the shop

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