Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hump Day Helper #1 - Make Your Own Kazoo

At my house, we have one day a week where we have no scheduled activities like swimming lessons, ballet or playgroup and it just happens to fall on the dreaded Hump Day Wednesday. I like having the chance to stay home and catch up on the housework I've neglected since the weekend, but it gives my girls cabin fever and sends them batty.

Now, I like to fancy myself a bit of a crafty chic. in reality though, I'm pretty good at colouring in and sticking sequins on old egg cartons and that's about the extent of it. I do have a Useful Box, but it's pretty weak by Playschools standards, but i like the idea of it anyway :-)

So I try to find some new and fun crafty stuff each week on the net for the girls to do. There are some fantastic resources out there and lots of other crafty mum's are happy to share their ideas.

So, in the spirit of music month, here is our first Hump Day Helper...

Make your own Kazoo!

Now this is great for 2 reasons.
  1. You can make it quickly and easily from stuff you will definitely have in the house;
  2. It will probably only last the day, so when your sick of Kazoo songs, you know you only have to hear it for so long!
What do you need?

Toilet paper tubes
Grease proof paper
Elastic Band or sticky tape
Hole punch or something sharp to do same
Textas, crayons or anything to decorate with

How to Make it

1. Punch a hole as far down the tube as you can get it to reach.
2. Cut a circle of grease proof paper about 2cm larger than the diameter of the tube
3. stretch the paper over the tube, keeping it as smooth and tight as possible
4. secure with an elastic band or sticky tape to hold the paper in place. Make sure the paper doesn't cover the hole you punched.

Test it out. Hum into the open end allowing a little air to escape your lips to make the paper vibrate. Now decorate as you like to make it ready for your Kazoo Music Fest.

Here is a great video of how to make one from

Make a Kazoo with Toilet Paper Tubes -- powered by

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