Thursday, May 7, 2009

Friday Wrap Up...

A quick reminder that today is the last day to enter our comp to win The Jimmies CD. All you have to do it tell us in less than 25 words a creative way to get your kids to eat broccoli OR any funny names your kids have for their body parts. See this post from Monday for the details...

I had planned another book/cd review for today of Sunny, but I had a bit of a brain fade moment and didn't save my homework! (tut tut, not very professional am I) Then one of my lovely customers bought the last copy, so it kind of through it all out the window, haha. So instead I've been looking for some more lovely tunes to share with you for Mother's Day.

The Bob Marley song, Three Little Birds is one that everyone seems to do a cover of. It almost seems de rigueur for any up and coming children's artist of late. Not that that's a bad thing, its a beautiful song... but here's my favorite version by Elizabeth Mitchell from her aptly titled album Three Little Birds ;-)

This is Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell singing Catch the Moon from their joint album Catch the Moon (its on my wish list for the shop, so keep your eyes peeled for it appearing in the near future)

And to continue the Bob Marley theme, here's Ziggy Marley with Family Time.

Tune in next week for our interview on Monday with Renee and Jeremy and the chance to win a copy of It's a Big World.

I hope you all have a super fantastic Mother's Day. Whether your a Mum or not, Sunday should rock anyway!

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