Monday, May 11, 2009

Interview: Renee and Jeremy

It's a Big World by Renee and Jeremy was my first choice when i started to search for indie music for Monkeytail and Wellington. I've read reviews which call it "sweet and hypnotic" and I couldn't agree more.
In a word, it makes me feel peaceful. It soothes me when I've had a hard day, lulls my children to sleep when they refuse to give in on their own and provides a fantastic repertoire of songs to sing to the girls when they are stick or need comforting. I think what I love best about It's a Big World is that it feels like its your own personal lullaby, performed just for you. You don't need to listen to it loudly, it plays in the background and makes you feel warm, relaxed and comfortable.

The album was recorded in the nursery come homemade studio in Renee's house while she was awaiting the birth of her first child and you can almost feel the environment through the music.

So, I asked Renee and Jeremy answered a few questions so we could get to know them better...

V: Who are Renee and Jeremy? Introduce us...

R&J: Renee & Jeremy are parents and veteran singer-songwriters who make music that both parent and children adore.You may know Jeremy Toback from his work with Stone Gossard in the group Brad, or from his solo RCA records, and Renee Stahl's solo records have garnered her a dedicated following as well.

Renee & Jeremy's popular debut effort, "It's A Big World," is fast becoming a lullaby classic, and the soon-to-be-released, "Cmon," seems fit to break the family music genre wide open, with its serious beats, honey sweet hooks and shimmering harmonies.

V: I can't name a favourite song on your album It's a Big World, cause I love them all. Do you each have a favourite?

R: I think one of my favorite songs is "free" this song was written so quickly.. we were writing another song and Jeremy started to play the guitar and we wrote it in 5 minutes it was so natural and "free" I think about it almost every time we sing it.

J: I love Night Mantra ... funny enough it came about in similar fashion. I really love the recording, and Renee's counter melody which was improvised as we recorded the lead vocals live KILLS me.

Click play to hear samples

V: What music do your own children listen to at home?

R: We love Tom Freund's cd called 'hug trees" and Elizabeth Mitchell "you are my flower"

J: it's so funny though my children have heard a lot of R&J and Pete Seeger they're really into Gorillaz & Kings Of Leon at the moment :)

V: A little birdie told me a new Renee and Jeremy album is in the woods?
R&J: YES indeed our new cd is ready and we are waiting to see how we are going to get the music into your hands (stores) and heard throughout the world. It's looking like a fall release is likely. It was alot of fun making this cd.. it was recorded in Jeremy's home in a week as "it's a big world" was recorded in Renee's in the same amount of time. While it has the same spirit as our first, we set out to make this one more up beat and groovy, something for the whole family to dance along to, play in the car, etc.

V: Name 5 things we don't know, but should, about Renee and Jeremy

R&J: Well...
1. we have official titles: Renee is the harmonist and Jeremy is the linguist
2. we both lost our pets while recording the new cd (Jeremy's dog Renee's cat )
3. we are married but not to each other
4. Renee's favorite color is green
5. Jeremy's favorite color is blue

Here are two new songs I found from their new album "Cmon" for your listening pleasure.

To WIN a copy of It's a Big World, simply tell me where the new Renee & Jeremy album was recorded. Submit your entries via comments to this blog or email to All correct entries will go into a draw to win the CD, announced next week. Entries close Midnight Sunday 17 May 2009.

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