Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Prints from Fall Down Tree

My apologies for being a bit slack in the blogging department as of late. We've had a bit of a busy run with Nannie and Grandad visiting, everyone having colds and a crazy number of birthday parties to attend! I actually forgot completely that it was Hump Day as we were so busy today with swim classes and jetting about town getting jobs done, we didn't even get a hump day to worry about this week. So.... hand over heart.... I promise to try harder next time!

During all this busy-ness, I did manage to get some fab new products loaded up into the store which have been sitting next to my desk begging to be given my attention.

Firstly, some delicious new prints from very talented Adam Record of Fall Down Tree. It is really, really hard to find great stuff for boys out there. I find it especially hard being a Mum of two little girls, so I'm never exactly sure that what I think is pretty great, is what boys will think is pretty great too! Luckily Adam's prints seem to do the trick.

There are 10 prints in stock and here are a few of my personal fav's....

The 3 prints in the To the Moon series... There's a bit of a space obsession happening at home thanks to the recent space shuttle launch and discovery of the awesome NASA website. More on that later....

and this one called Bird Band. It makes me think of that Paul Kelly song, Band on Every Corner (probably not very kid-propriate, but its what springs to mind).

See more great Fall Down Tree prints in stock now!

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