Monday, August 10, 2009

Nasty scams...

I'm having a bit of a crazy sock monkey making, fairy door painting kind of week, so I've been a bit slack in the blogging arena :-( mostly cause my fingers are a bit tender from accidentally sewing myself to a monkey yesterday! Funny how your pain receptors take a vacation when your tired. I was two stitches in before I realised my index finger may be going on a permanent holiday to Victoria with the monkey.

Now that I'm all band-aided up and its still a respectable hour, OK it's 11pm but that's respectable for me. I figured I should update a little on a some crazy things going on in the world.

You will hopefully be starting to see this pop up in the media such as A Current Affair very soon. Firstly and most importantly a fellow work from home business Mum, Tanya from Ankle Biters has been stung by what must be the mother of all credit card fraud rings. She unfortunately fell pray to a scam that started from the lure of a wonderful sale that would have seen her business grow in leaps and bounds. You can read more about her story and the progress on gaining media attention at her blog.

My heart goes out to Tanya and her family. I can't imagine the stress and heartache this is causing them right before they launch their bricks & mortar store too. Hopefully this little post will create a bit more of a buzz about their plight and will help catch the scammers or at least bring enough education to everyone about these types of scams so they won't get away with it again.

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