Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Doodle Bread... the coolest thing since....

This is Doodle Bread. It tops my list as the coolest find I've made this week! Bread is my all time favourite thing to eat, and I can't wait to wrap my lips around some of this gastronomic delights.

The Doodle Bread products and concept was hatched by Rose Kane from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Whilst studying at Art Collage in London, Rose wagged school one day and had a play around with some dough in the kitchen. Voila, Doodle Bread!

A Doodle Bread kit comes with
  • A Squisher
  • A Doodle Shaper
  • A Doodle Bread Baking Tin
  • Big Doodle Mix
  • Little Doodle Mix
There is a super easy and adorable tutorial on the Doodle Bread website to help you with your creations. Plus your encouraged to email in photos of your finished Doodle Bread and any new creations you come up with.

What a fantastic rainy day activity and a great way to get the kids involved and interested in the cooking too. All ingredients are as healthy as you want or need them to be and there are many recipes on the Doodle Bread Blog to try out too!

Priced at 22GBP for all of us on this side of the globe including shipping. Add another item to my wish list. It's getting pretty long now, I hope someones paying attention (cough cough ;)

Chocolate Vanilla Star Loaf!

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