Tuesday, August 4, 2009

World Breastfeeding Week Aug 1-7 2009

It's World Breastfeeding week from 1-7 August 2009 and I think its something that deserves a mention.

Don't you think its a little crazy that what should be such a natural thing for mothers to do as nature intended actually needs a whole week dedicated to it to bring awareness to the issues that mothers face with Breastfeeding.

We not only have to learn how to do it, fight with our little bitter babies and suffer through the cracked nipples. But now we're being ostracised in public for feeding, or struggle with feeling inadequate if we have trouble breastfeeding cause all the books tell us we must try. Or maybe we just can't do it or choose not to. It seems no matter what our choice is its open to debate and criticism from all corners.

I did breastfeed my girls. But I have many friends who couldn't or chose not too. We all have a story about our choices and we've all felt pressure from some areas to change our position on breastfeeding.

So here's to hoping that World Breastfeeding Week helps everyone understand! Visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association website for more details and a links to info on Breastfeeding week around the world.

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