Monday, January 4, 2010

A Fantastic Mr Fox indeed!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm finally back on the blogging bandwagon after a slight hiatus whilst full filling all those fairy door and sock monkeys orders Santa sent me to fill for Christmas. While it is wonderful to see my business grow and to receive such an enthusiastic response to something I create, it is overwhelming sometimes and I wonder who's bright idea it was to make my own products in the first place. But I'm back now after a nice little break, orders placed for more fairy door components and sock monkey skins and were off and running for 2010 :o)

As I probably say every year, I'm trying to make a concerted effort to blog more frequently from now on. My brain is full of bright ideas and things I can't wait to tell you, but my organisational skills quite often let me down and as my two girls are trying desperately to give up their day time naps, we'll not make any firm promises at this stage!

I do however have two wonderful kids albums to review and lots of books to talk about too! But first off let's talk movies.

Ben and I took the girls to see The Fantastic Mr Fox on Sunday and it was Fantastic indeed! Roald Dahl is arguably one of the best children's authors who has graced the planet and luckily most of his books which have made the transition to the silver screen have been well represented. I'm always a fan of the director who stays faithful to the original story and Wes Anderson (of the Darjeeling Limited and Royal Tenenbaums) does not fail. The stop motion puppet animation is delightful and fun to watch and is reminiscent of children's programs of old, think the Magic Roundabout before it went digital and was laced with french political innuendo and of course the Wombles before they had a make over too.

Of course the story is quite faithful, Roald Dahl's taunting rhymes are there but from a grown up point of view I could really see the actors behind the voices who were perfectly chosen for their parts, in particular George Clooney as Mr Fox and Jason Schwartzman as Ash. It's full of funny innuendo and jokes and the music is fantastic, we stayed back at the end to dance a jig in the isles (much to the amusement of the usher cleaning up the popcorn explosion).

Ben and I came away giving it a 4 star rating and it was high up the on the girls radar too as there were no overly scary scenes and the slap stick type humour was right up these toddlers alley.

Here's the trailer....

My only gripe is that here in Townsville it is receiving very little fan fare, only playing two sessions a day at one cinema. This often happens up here, I think we're still a big country town in a lot of respects and we miss out on a lot of small release movies, which is a killer for me cause I always want to see the small ones, but they never seem to make it this far north :o( We missed out on Ponyo last year as well as Coroline and the Tales of Despereaux to name a few. Ho hum :o(

Check out the official The Fantastic Mr Fox website here

Find at copy of the Roald Dahl original here at Fishpond

Fantastic Mr Fox (

And hear the very funky soundtrack here Fantastic Mr. Fox [Soundtrack]

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