Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hump Day Helper #13: Origami Boats

No promises, but here's is the first Hump Day Helper for 2010! Origami Boats.

Origami became my new obsession on the weekend when Monkeytail wanted some paper boats to float in the gutters during our flash flood. (It's Ok, she wore her safety knickers and gum boots and Dad supervised)

So here are some pretty nifty paper boats which are easy to make even for the twiddlypeeps. They do float, but obviously don't last too long, so if you're off to do some gutter sailboat racing, probably take a few back ups along

Here are the best links I found to origami boat building tutorials....
  • This You Tube video makes the best kind of paper boats, these are the ones I made! (same kind as in the first link if your not the video watching type!)

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