Monday, March 29, 2010

Bearded Lady

Because I live in the tropics of North Queensland, I often dream about cold weather, or rather fantasise about it and all the cool cold weather clothes I could wear. I have a totally awesome red raincoat (which is definitely not breathable and therefore totally unsuited to even the coldest days we experience here) that I love so much I will wear it around the house with the a/c set to perma-frost just so I get some use out of it.

My inappropriately warm clothing obsession also extends to hats. I have just recently donated all of my pre-loved beanies to good will and have only saved a couple that are just too awesome to throw out or that I actually wear (around the house with the a/c on).

But today I found these...

This is the coolest beanie I've ever seen! I don't care that I'm a girl, I'd wear it!

And then there is this one...

Perhaps not everyday wear, but you'd be a hit on Saint Patricks Day or maybe just for special going somewhere fancy occasions.

I also found this one. It seems a little medievil to me, but I do like the curls and handlebar moe...

You can even get ones with detachable mustachios, so you can mix and match to suit your mood!

Click on any of the pictures and it will take you to the lovely Etsy stores where any of these can be found.

I kind a like the idea of putting on a hat like this and going about my day pretending that I'm not a girl with a beard. But first I think I'll need to invest in a hat rack. Or better still a shelf full of those dummy heads on which to perch all my fancy hats! hmmmmmm....

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