Friday, March 26, 2010

Why everyone should like giants

I'm in the process of writing a guest blog piece (I'll spill the beans once I'm published *wink*) and have been fluffing about looking for inspiration when I came across this little beauty. I was mooching around researching what a fan will do for the object of their adoration, which is a bit of tangent, but i liked what I found.

I don't really know Kimya Dawson's songs that well, other than I Like Giants which got a fair bit of airplay a couple of years back on Triple J, and the Juno soundtrack. Back then I really liked the fact the song stood out to me among all the alternative punk and Australian hip hop that saturated the play lists (don't even get me started!!).

What I love about Kimya Dawson now is that her music and her artwork have inspired quite a few fans to create music video's (on you tube) for her songs. They are really something a bit special and a lot of work has gone into creating them.

It's a lot like the Caspar Babypants ones I featured earlier, someone has found the music so special and has been so moved by the lyrics or the ideal that they have put used talent into create a very personal tribute which not only goes directly to the artist, but out for the whole world to see also.

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  1. Kimya Dawson is fantastic. My love for her come from Juno but I think that's okay!