Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Introducing Poppy Bean and Bloss

One of the newest additions to Monkeytail and Wellington are these gorgeous custom made waldorf dolls from Poppy Bean and Bloss. Each doll is completely handmade using all natural fibers, and even comes wearing some cute little knickers and a hand knitted cardy!

The part I love most about these dolls is the way they warm up when you cuddle them and how that take on the scent of the child who loves them most. Plus they also come with an additional outfit which is all important when you are 3 and up :)

This is a picture of the latest addition to our house "Tilda" which Wellie met on her recent 3rd birthday. The two are inseparable and have been known to sport matching clothes and hair dos!

Michelle is also a sock monkey aficionado and makes some super cute stripey monkeys. You can catch Poppy Bean and Bloss at the Handmade market in Canberra on Sunday 28 March from 10-4 at Kamberra Winery. Checkout the Handmade Market website for more details

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