Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Going Gruffalo Crazy

Lately it's been all about the Gruffalo from my daughter Abby. She's been reading it at Kindy and will be going to a live performance in June at the local theatre.

Then on Monday the BBC animated feature was on ABC Kids and now the whole family has caught on. It was truly delightful and I haven't seen my two girls enthralled by a TV show since... ever! Its always nice to come across a book to TV translation which captures the true essence of the original... have you ever noticed that this only happens when the original author is in charge of the screenplay... maybe someone should be paying attention?

So today in my rounds I googled The Gruffalo and came across the official website. It is delightfully illustrated (as you would expect) and has so many lovely features including the games and activities page which has kept Abby entertained for a while this afternoon. There are some great resources for a Gruffalo birthday party that I quite like, but I may have a job on my hands talking Abby out of a Little Mermaid party.

The Gruffalo isn't available on DVD in Australia yet, but you can purchase it through the Gruffalo website or Amazon UK if you have a multi region player. Here is the trailer to wet your whistle in case you missed it on the box yesterday...

or this one... http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/mpd/permalink/m5ELK8WKNOX41

This also caught my eye, what a wonderful bedroom scene this would make!

and here's a link I found to a trailer for the live performance. Not sure if it's going to be the same one, but it looks fantastic if it is!

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  1. We saw this - & for once I remembered that I could record it! My eldest, Pip, was obsessed with this book a couple of years ago - we had to read it every single night for about 6 months! WE still take it out every month or so now. The show was brilliant!