Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Songs that will make milk come out your nose

It is often my gripe that the music our kids hear everyday on the radio just isn't appropriate for their little ears. I personally have has a "little miss sunshine" moment where my then 3yr old was in the shopping trolley singing at the top of her lungs how her milkshakes brought all the boys to the yard. Couldn't find a freezer section big enough that day to crawl into and needless to say we listened to Radio National everywhere we went for quite some time after that.

It's around about then that my love for Kindy Rock developed. It kinda all stated with Justine Clarke releasing her album and it constantly being played on ABC kids. I was so relieved to have a Wiggles alternative that I went on a mad web search to find more. I now have quite a collection and there are some albums that I've bought more for myself to listen to rather than the girls.

Which leads me to Godrey, Robbie Fulks song about the sickly unemployed amateur children's musician (listen to it here at iTunes). Its on the Bottle Let me Down album that we had in store for a while last year. I'd heard most of the songs before, having a particular fondness for I'm My Own Grandpa, remembering it from it's days on the Muppet Show. I gave the album it's first complete listen in the car on our Easter break. This is some funny stuff. Most of it so very far away from being politically correct, your first reaction is to snort/laugh through your nose (hence my reference to milk coming out your nose), and then check to make sure no one heard you laugh, and then continue to snicker to your self all day whilst you whistle the tune.

There are some other corkers on this album too with Senor el Gato and Don't Wipe Your Face on Your Shirt being the standouts in bad taste humour. But the are all so catchy you can't help but get hooked. The subject content can be a little iffy as far as the kids are concerned, but i doubt they'll put it all together and come out with anything but their own snickering at the toilet humour.

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