Wednesday, May 19, 2010

C'mon and meet The Not-Its!

There must be something in the water in Seattle. It is home to more Kindy rocker's than you can poke a stick at. And alongside some names we've met before (Caspar Babypants) and some we are going to meet shortly (Recess Monkey) are The Not-Its!

They are a five piece alternate indie pop outfit who have their finger on the button when it comes to kids music. Each band member sports a hefty music pedigree of indie band lineage and there is even a school teacher in the mix, which may or may not be purely coincidence or for spy purposes on acquiring inside material for songs.

Their first album We Are The Not-Its! debuted in June 2009 and has been receiving rave reviews ever since. Their second album, aptly titled Time Out To Rock has just been completed (seriously moments ago!) and is due for release on June 6th! And if it's anything like their first album, I think we're in for something a bit special!

Check out The Not-Its! website for lots of colouring and Karioki fun, and of course to hear the tracks from their first album. They get an extra gold star for having lyrics available, it's my pet hate when I'm singing along to a song only to have my 3 year old correct me on the lyrics, so I like to have the upper hand!

You can find We Are The Not-Its! at iTunes or directly from their website and you can also pre-order their new album!

Oh, and if you are lucky enough to be in Seattle on June 13, you may want to check out The Not-Its! at Kindiependent (is that not the coolest name!) alongside, Caspar Babypants, Recess Monkey, and Johnny Bregar for a FREE Share the Music Festival! I'm so jealous!!

And of course, here is a video of The Not-Its! "Come Play at Our House" to wet your appetite.

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