Monday, May 24, 2010

Princess Katie & Racer Steve are Tiny and Cool

Once upon a time there was an improv and sketch comic called Katie O'Sullivan. She was touched and saddened to learn that there were sick kids in hospital sitting around all day scared and lonely. So she said to her musician husband Steve Borne, "You know what? We should go down there and cheer those kids up!" So off they trot to the costume shop to hire some fun costumes to go visit the kids in. They soon found that their visits had turned into performances and it was no longer practical to sing a play guitar dressed as Sponge Bob or Shrek. So Princess Katie and Racer Steve were borne.

Princess Katie and Racer Steve soon started writing their own songs based on their experiences with the kids and learning what the important issues were to them. Song writing turned to album recording, and fast forward past two studio albums and a live DVD release to album number three Tiny Cool just released in May.

Tiny Cool has a mixture of song styles from Latin, pop and James Brown style funk mixed in with three comedy skits all staying true to Princess Katie and Racer Steve's clear messages for kids about honesty, individuality, acceptance, kindness and the power of love. Katie and Steve work their magic by incorporating a bit of skit comedy into the album to introduce songs and get the imagery working in your head.

What also makes Princess Katie and Racer Steve unique is that they have adopted the characters as the band, rather than have a mascot or honorary band member. This has transcended their live performances to become the cartoon characters that decorate their album art, website and music videos. Their live performances incorporate the vibrant sets and props, skits and of course great family music that rocks. They are currently touring the US to promote and celebrate the launch of Tiny Cool.

Here is the animated video for JEANS! from their 2007 release Songs for the Coolest Kids

Check out Princess Katie and Racer Steve's website to listen to music from their albums and make sure to check out the live performance video for Tell Them How You Feel!

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