Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update on all things Monkeytail....

I am the Queen of Multi-tasking today! I don't quite know what's gotten into me, but I'm updating this blog, cooking dinner (were having Tikka Masala tonight!!) and drinking a cup of coffee all at the same time!!! (the last one counts as a chore... can you remember the last time you got to finish a cup of coffee with toddlers at your feet?)

The Official Tooth Fairy Kits
are so hot right now! We completely sold out of our new shipment over the weekend!!!! But never fear a requisition has been lodged with the Office of the Tooth Fairy for new kits to be sent STAT... in other words, they should be hear by the end of next week!

Thanks to everyone who Pre-ordered their Gucio Toddler Shoes. The order has been placed and we should have our shipment ASAP. I'll be getting in some of the most popular sizes and colours, so if you missed out, let me know and I'll reserve a pair for you if I can :)

I am unfortunately only up to page 28 of The Picture of Dorian Grey. Alas, my good intentions have been high jacked yet again... maybe I'll aim for a book every 2 months?

In other news, I've been worked on a few little ideas to bring some new funky products to the store and in particular update (read stock) our party section. So in my travels I've been catching up with some of my Etsy favourites and I wanted to share this little gem with you...

Its a Personalised Paper Doll Boutique Card Table Playhouse by missprettypretty. Isn't it awesome!!! It fits right over a card table and comes with heaps of dress up accessories.

I would so love to bring this to the shop for all you lovely friends of handmade treasures, but alas Global Economic Collapse is making some of these divine finds too hard to bring to you myself. So i thought I would blog about it hear so you don't miss out on something so divine!

They retail for $85-95 US and she also makes boy ones (firehouses, farms, mechanic workshops). I definitely have one on my wish list for the girls for Christmas.

You can find missprettypretty on etsy, pay her a visit and admire her creations

Vic xx

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