Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hump Day Helper #2: Musical Glasses

Here we are again... Hump Day. The craziness has already begun in my house, even the cat is acting a bit nuts today.

At first glance this struck me as a great idea for kids to learn how different everyday items can become instruments. But it does provide the risk of broken glass, so not really one they can do unsupervised.

It is a fact that the old finger on the rim of a glass only works with lead crystal, but you probably don't want your 3yr old fingering the good stuff. And my husband can't actually get a note to sound from running his finger around a glass, I don't know if its an actual skill I have, or just a weird quirk of our household that we can't all do it?

This idea and photos are from Wee Life such a lovely blog

What to you need?

A large plastic bowl to hold all the glasses and catch any spilt water
a variety of different size and type of glasses
a few different metal spoons
Some water

How to do it

Put glasses in bowl, fill each with a different level of water and tinkle away!

I know its not a particularly huge stretch of the imagination. But I wouldn't have thought of it unless I'd seen it and it kept Monkeytail & Wellie amused for a good 20 mins this morning!

Because I love You Tube so much, here is some Musical Glasses pieces I found this morning... It seems that glass musicians are popular street performers in Europe. Is this an untapped talent for Pitt St Mall?

Have a fun Hump Day! Pay us a visit tomorrow for a special new stock announcement! And don't forget to enter the Renee & Jeremy comp!!

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  1. hey, thanks for the shoutout! wow, i simply adore your blog. i can't wait to spend some time exploring...
    : )
    jackie at weelife.