Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hump Day Helper #4: Tap Shoes + Dance Party

One of my personal pet hates, almost rating as highly as vacuuming the carpet, is tap dancing! I actually think its quite stunning to watch, but the sound makes my eye twitch in a way that only a relative outstaying their welcome can.

But, of course kids being kids, my two find the whole thing fascinating and the noisier the better apparently. So here is a simple, minimally noisy compared to the real thing, and much less expensive way to make tap shoes.

What do you need?

1/2 inch wide elastic
2 metal washers 1 1/4 inch
Cotton wool for your ears

How to do it...

Cut elastic to approx 8 inches (20cm) in length
Thread through each washer
tie around your child's shoe, arrange the washer so it lies flat

Thanks to familyfun.com for this idea

This seems like such an obvious idea, but that's why i love it so much! Now tune into your favourite radio station or CD and let the kids go nuts. If you can get it, I recommend ABC's radio station Dig on digital TV (channel 200 where I am) or ABC Jazz on 201. For some reason, they have the best toe tappin' tunes & no ads which the kids hate. Wait, I just found where you can listen to it live on the net... Click here.

Another obvious idea, why not turn your toe tappin' session into a dance party. This great website called Hip Young Parent is a US radio station that broadcasts an eclectic mix of fun kid friendly tunes, much like some of the music we've introduced you to here as well as some fav's from Sesame Street and songs like Happy Happy Joy Joy from Ren & Stimpy, remember that one? It's online 24/7, so anytime can be dance party time really!

PS - Don't forget to enter The Jimmies comp for this week. Last CD to WIN for Music Month!

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