Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sayonara Music Month...

Well, this is the last post for music month as its June already on Monday! I've had fun, found some great new music and gotten all inspired to be more crafty! Hope you've had fun too. I'm going to keep up the new blog format, to the best of my abilities anyway, so look out for book reviews, more crafty ideas and fun finds.

Last reminder to enter this weeks comp to win a copy of The Jimmies Make Your Own Someday, click here for the post with all the details and you can read our earlier interview with Ashley here.

Seeing as we started Music Month with a They Might Be Giants feature, I though I might do another. I totally love this band, Birdhouse in you soul is on repeat in my brain almost constantly. So the fact that they make totally cool kids music too is fantastic beyond imagining.

Last week my girls picked a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD from the video shop (is it still called that?) and I learnt the new Mickey Mouse song. I'm not a huge Disney fan, but even so I was a bit miffed that the old classic had been re-written. Then, I paid attention during the credits and found that They Might Be Giants had written it. Off to the net I go to discover they are behind many other Disney tunes such as Higglytown Heroes and they have also appeared on Blue's Clues among many.

My old friend You Tube lead me to Friday Night Podcasts. These are really cool. Every Friday night TMBG post a kids and family podcast, with a little bit of a funny chat between the two puppet John's and a clip or two from their kids albums. They go for about 5 minutes and there are 32 so far here is the first... I particularly like the One Dozen Monkey's song...

Plus they have their own You Tube channel with clips from Here come the ABC's and Here come the 123's. So now you can get a huge They Might Be Giants fix whenever you want!

Have a super fun weekend and enjoy what's left of May! See you in June xx

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