Monday, May 25, 2009

The Jimmies 2nd Chance Comp

My apologise to everyone following music month for the lack of posts last week. I had one of those awful tummy bugs last weekend and it's taken me a week to find my feet and get back on top of everything.

Thanks so much for everyone's entries into last weeks Frances England comp. Happy to announce that Kristy from Mitcham VIC was the luck winner and her copy of Fascinating Creatures is on its way!

This week, I'm putting up our second chance to win a copy of The Jimmies Make Your Own Someday. You can read my interview with the very cool cucumber Ashley from the Jimmies here...

To Win a copy of their album, tell me what is the 3rd hair doo Ashley's "Brother" has in the clip for Bedhead (eg... curls, punk, rockstar, pigtails?)? Here's the clip again...

Send your entries to or via comments to this blog. Winner drawn from correct entries on Monday 1st June.

For a little more Frances England goodness have you downloaded your copy of LMNOP that was released today? When you visit the website, the lovely music you hear is a song Frances recorded exclusively for the talented crew at LMNOP

LMNOP have dedicated issue 7 to the alphabet and the written word. It is once again a feast for all the senses, even more so this time with the inclusion of Frances's wonderful song. And so many lovely goodies to be found from creative people and businesses around the world. I often peruse LMNOP when searching for new products and it seems we have similar tastes! I love it and will be spending a quite cyber afternoon tomorrow taking it all in while my girls have a nap!

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