Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hump Day Helper #6: Space Explorers

OK, so this week it's not something crafty, but rather a great site for kids who are into the final frontier... Space!

This is a long story, but my almost 4 yr old Abby has her own version of the Why question that toddlers seem to love to much, particularly when she's in the car. She either asks where everything comes from, or how old everything is .... where do traffic lights come from? how old is fly spray? and every answer you give her prompts another.... the fact that i always answer her questions often gets me into a lot of strife and a 20 minute Q&A session that I usually get out of by saying, we'll look it up when we get home! My favorite is when she argues point blank that I do know the answer, I'm just being difficult by telling her I don't know. As flattering as it is that she thinks I'm the all seeing oracle, I just don't have answers that roll off my tongue about where gravity comes from!

Until now that is! Abs was absolutely fascinated by the recent space shuttle trip to Hubble and because I didn't have the answers or quick wit to answer her many, many, many, many space questions i followed through on my promise to look it up!

Thank the stars for the NASA website. It is very cool and has lots of interactive games and activities that appeal to even the youngest of space explorers. We are a big fan of the Buzz Lightyear Game and Space your Face gets a few giggles too! But the depth of info and images on here is just amazing. Who knew you could watch live NASA TV? Well worth a look and there are some colouring in pages to download too!

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