Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hump Day Helper #7: Happy Birthday Wheel

Yay!!! Monkeytail & Wellington is 1 today! Just 12 short months ago my hair brained scheme became reality and I can't believe how fast the time has flown! My children still think that Mummy's "Shop" is a figment of my imagination (and sometimes I wonder that myself), but I'm fairly sure I'm not hallucinating, just extremely sleep deprived!

Now that the financial year is over and there is just the counting left to do, I can start looking for some delicious new things to bring to the store! I've already got my eye on some very lovely tid bits I can't wait to show everyone, but for now, I'm off to eat a birthday cupcake (or 3 cause no ones watching) and a much needed cup of coffee!

I think that today's hump day helper is a stellar idea. I am terrible for remembering birthday's! I like to ignore my own, but other than my immediate family I have a huge problem remembering. even if I write it down in my diary, you can put money on it that I will forget to look... must be a subconscious metal block... I've got no other explanation.

But today I'm going to have a crack at making myself a Birthday Wheel! This idea is courtesy of Enchanted Learning.

What do you need?

Cardboard or stiff paper
A compass or something to help you draw a circle
A brass paper fastener
A pencil to mark the circle
Crayons etc to decorate

How to do it

Cut out two circles of equal size. Divide one circle into 12 equal segments, then draw a series of concentric circles.On the second circle, cut out a shape equal to 1/12th of the circle
Write the name of each month around the edge of the first circle in each segment.
Place the second circle over the first and secure with the paper fastener. Then write the birthdays of your family and friends on the wheel and decorate! No more forgetfulness!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you!! What a fabulous achievement surviving and thriving in your first year!! I hope you have a glass or two of bubbly (or tea) to celebrate this great occasion.