Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Knitted dissection...

This was on the Etsy homepage this afternoon...

Its a knitted biology frog from The Crafty Hedgehog and I think it's pretty cool. I also love her knitted fetal pig, which I can think of a few people for whom this would be an appropriate gift (I do move in some unusual circles ;-)

Made me smile anyway!


  1. ha-ha oh that's hilarious and very clever too. I do wonder how they come up with these awesome designs. Reminds me of the Aussie designer who do the felt organs. crazy but cool. Not sure of the name though..
    PS. still loving the music on the blog. I was telling all my girlfriends about your blog and store today!! xx

  2. I know! Makes me want to actually pay attention next time my Mum tries to teach me to knit. Thanks for spreading the love Amanda xxxxx