Monday, April 19, 2010

The kidness of tiny strangers

There is an ash tree, in a park, near a Lake where a little Elf lives during the summertime. His name is Mr Little Guy and for years now he has been replying to children (and grown ups too) all over the world who leave letters at his door, it's reported sometimes up to 1,500 a year!

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Although he retreats to his Castle in the East every Winter, he does leave a forwarding address so no letter will go unanswered.

The correspondence of one tiny Elf and his quest to spread belief in the magic of childhood has captured the hearts of residents in this beautiful Minneapolis town called Lake Harriet. Although the original path to his home has long since been worn away by the many visitors leaving letters and hoping for replies, a new garden has been built, a fence erected to protect the flower patch and a little magic has touched the hearts of all who visit.

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Thank you so much Anneliese from Tutus and Muddy Shoes for sharing your brush with a little Elf magic.

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