Thursday, April 15, 2010

Music News: Alphabutt by Kimya Dawson

Following on from my post last week about music that is and isn't appropriate for kids, I can't believe I didn't know that Kimya Dawson has done a kids album! Why didn't someone tell me?

Alphabutt, released after Juno, rings true to Kimya's style of catchy and laugh out loud funny lyrics and pushes the rude boundaries a bit too. The title track is a fast paced alphabet song where Kimya plays on the toilet humour and fart jokes that kids love so much. It moves really fast and kids may have trouble keeping up, I can't believe she sings it all the way through without getting tongue tied, but that is her style after all.

My favourite song on the album is I Like Bears, simply cause it reminds me of the Bear Hunt song (which I can never remember all the words too) and it is just so happy and fun to sing along to. Closely followed by Seven Hungry Tigers for it's pure nonsensical fun lyrics. But there are also a couple of tracks where the subject matter is purely adult focused, such as the weird cravings and neurotic worrying of pregnancy (Smoothie) and Happy Home which champions the importance of staying true to yourself.

For me, this is an album that I'd listen to and sing along with, but not sure I'd love it if the girls were reciting the alphabet this way, but not everyone's going to feel the same. If you love Kimya Dawson you will love this too without a doubt and I think it will be a winner more with grown up listeners than with kids.

You can by the CD or Vinyl from Fishpond or download it in MP3 from iTunes. Click on the iTunes link to hear samples from the album.

Here's a couple of live performaces from Kimya Dawson from tracks on the album.

Happy Home (Keep on Writing)


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