Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Review: Move over Lullabies... It's Time for Wake Up Songs! - The Flannery Brothers

I may just be one of The Flannery Brothers biggest fans... not counting their Mum!! I'm torn between wanting them all for myself (so I can be in that "I loved them before they were famous" club) and buying copies for all my friends, whether they have kids yet or not!

And this isn't just my children's influence. There debut album "Love Songs for Silly Things" which I reviewed back last year sometime is quite often on in the car when there is no one but me to drum out the beat on the steering wheel. And I will proudly proclaim my entire family knows all the words to Best Pillow in the World.

So I was super excited when Dan sent me a copy of their latest EP Move over Lullabies... It's Time for Wake Up Songs. The album of 6 tracks is short, running at around 15 minutes, but there is none of that in your face wake up and eat sugar kind of hysteria that comes with some kiddie music. It continues on with their upbeat and catchy lyrics and an honest approach to life as a kid, but has a bit more of a mellow feel than their first album, which is perfect for first thing in the morning.

Pop on over to The Flannery Brothers website and click on the music player to have a listen to the mellow morning tracks, which includes track 4 Shake! and track 6 Sleepyhead.

A little bird tells me that a new Flannery Brothers album is in the works and due out sometime around September. With the geniune passion for kids music and an insight into what make kids tick, I think they are kindy rockers to look out for.

You can get your mits on The Flannery Brothers music at iTunes and directly from their website

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  1. Peter and the Wolf: I love!
    But it's even better narrated by Mr Bowie!